Buying the Drone – Perfect for Your Needs

What drone should I buy? No matter which online forum you’ve joined or Reddit thread on drones you dive into, this very question will without fail be tossed into a cage of ravenous drone operators ready to sell you on the virtues of the brand and model that they own. And equally ravenous are those that will chime in to berate the brands or models that they themselves detest. What you are left with are more questions than answers and a hole burning in your pocket from money that wants to be spent on a new flying machine. You’ve resolved … Continue reading Buying the Drone – Perfect for Your Needs

Dealing with the Rogue

At the concert, at the parade, even at the local car show you’ve seen them. It’s inevitable to find a rogue drone flying willy-nilly above a crowd at any event where enough people make it tempting for an operator to get a “cool” shot. And playing by the rules you’ve avoided the same opportunity and often seethe at the sight. So what’s the proper protocol for dealing with your frustrations or correcting the concern? We are a new industry. Yes, model aircraft pre-date even the FAA, but let’s face it, quadcopters have changed the dynamic and the rise of drones … Continue reading Dealing with the Rogue

I’m a pilot, not a Pilot

Okay, so let’s have this first blog post be a little tongue in cheek fun. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, well, laugh at the government as they are always a source of comedic relief. And what better way to start your day than with the FAA? Okay, coffee, continental breakfast, wake-up sex, and power stretches might be better, but let’s do this… Welcome to the aviation industry!!! You’ve purchased an aircraft that the FAA and NTSB have both deemed is actually an aircraft. Of course your “aircraft” can’t carry anything more than a few paper clips. There … Continue reading I’m a pilot, not a Pilot