Lifthor Phone and Tablet holders. Sleek design, lightweight, attractive, like no other. We know  you can find many different options in the market out there of phone and tablet holders, and most might be even cheaper than Lifthor. Anything from Chinese mass produced products to 3D printed versions.  However, so far, no one can compare with Lifthor.  Not only do they have the ingenuity, but they understand it better, Lifthor has listened and have adapted to fulfill the users and their own needs. Thors Drone World are proud of there products, that’s why the products are handmade in Norway, with high quality standards and sturdy high-end materials. They don’t believe in cutting edges, nor sacrificing quality over price.  Thors Drone World says “We know every time we are packing each and every one of our products to be ship to its new owner, we are sending our best, we are sending a product we are proud of. “

After all – drones are not just a toy, it’s our passion!!

DJI Mavic Pro and Spark

Lifthor phone and tablet holders are very light weight, attractive and a great new addition to anyone’s line of drones. One of the most interesting aspects of this design that we do not see in any other tablet holder is the fact you can still see your controller screen. Yes other tablet holders, the less expensive designs cover the controller and you are left guessing as the what is happening under the holder so to speak.



Lifthor can be found on Thor’s Drone World website and many retailers

Zac Davis

Lifthor was last modified: March 23rd, 2018 by Multi-Rotor
Lifthor was last modified: March 23rd, 2018 by Multi-Rotor

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